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27 Dec

Lcf and Solent shoot, styling by MOI!

More images to come.


latest shoot

27 Dec

Indulgance in death – styling shoot

9 Dec

They all need a little enhancing, but i think they’re going to be great.

Lush – Henna Dye Coca Rouge

7 Dec

If like me you’re a little bit protective over your tresses then you’ll probably be as dubious as I was to try a home hair dye especially one with no colour charts.

Lush’s hair dye comes in block form that you mix into a paste. Advised processing time is around 3 – 4 hours which is part of its triumph and downfall, who has 4 hours, however we could all do with a kick back.

The overall procedure is a little messy to say the least, but well worth it. Whilst scraping the thick henna paste through my locks I had a wonderful feeling of nostalgia, that same feeling that you get when making a ‘mud pie’ at a tender age. After 3 hours I hit the shower, this was when I encountered a problem, think trying to remove clay from a head full of hair. Still the stained orange shower tiles and lost time are worth the sacrifice. The colour is incredible and at a shocking £8.00 you can’t go wrong. 10/10

Jacob Kamara