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H by Harris – AW10 preview

30 Apr

I was lucky enough to get invited to a preview of the coming quilted goodness from H by Harris. I can’t show you everything from this fixie rider inspired collection, or I’d have to kill you, but here are a couple of little yummies.

AW10 Manoeuvre

The next installment from the H by studio is based on the ability to travel effortlessly while allowing freedom of movement and courier inspired endurance, H by Harris presents a series of beautiful, tactile luggage, fusing function and design to withstand a daily routine.

This collection is motivated by the fixed gear rider. Individuals whose lifestyles are on the edge as they travel with technique and skill through fast paced environments.  Seeing fixed gear bikes as objects of quality design, H by Harris have developed a collection inspired by motion and used their fearless riders a point of reference.

The Co (courier) range features deluxe duffle bags in nappa and soft hides, incorporating the diamond quilt. A play on scale and tessellation sees the development of the H jacket H = Biker, with an unavoidable hand crafted aesthetic which is unique to the collections. The L (laundry) range, is simplicity at its finest , voluptuous bags with a single detail the handle, none-the-less the bags which are made from nubuck and hides still maintain an undeniable beauty with another H by Harris trademark, tactility.

To coincide with the launch of manouevre H by Harris has collaborated with director Manny Bonett to create a viral campaign featuring some of the UK’s finest fixed gear cyclists. The short film ‘Fixed’ presents a sartorial gang of riders spiraling the ramps of a car park where the gracefully perform stunts. The film climaxes with a series of powerful sparks illuminating their bikes “the aim behind the film was to create something beautiful with energy that has on the edge of your seat as you’re uncertain what’s coming next….”


Aitor Throup – illustrations

29 Apr


I fell in love with Aitor Throup from the moment I saw his first sketch. The fact that his incredible illustrations are the first stages into creating a beautiful garment is just a happy bonus.  

Full report and Garment gallery to follow.

Daily outfit

29 Apr

Not exactly cutting edge, but It is what I’m wearing.

Musical style icons – Brandon Flowers

29 Apr

Brandon Flowers, the lead vocalist from The Killers is my style icon this week.

I’ve been a fan of Brandon Flowers for years and have always loved his formal yet flamboyant style.

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I think i have a problem..

26 Apr

Musical style icons – Josh Weller

21 Apr

The First time I ever saw Josh Weller was a few years ago at a little festival called The Secret Garden Party, He was sat chilling in the sun, with this HUGE mass of hair, rolled up trousers with socks and some geek chic specs. And that was before it was cool. Instantly I loved him. I didn’t actually know he was a musician until I saw him play the following evening.

From that day on i decided it was Imperative that I grew my hair out. Luckily enough I have a mixed racial background and was blessed with the Fro. Surprisingly enough it took until very recently for my hair to be anywhere near Weller’s tresses Status.

 Josh Weller’s style is a sort of mash up of Vintage 20’s mixed with some Mad Hatter essence. Teaming Plus fours with Rave stripy socks, a bow tie and a blazer.


Christopher Raeburn

16 Apr

Christopher Raeburn is one of my favourite new generation designers. Not only are his designs creatively cutting edge they’re also completely recycled from redeployed military fabrics. However his being an ethical, recycling designer was not his aim, it purely happened by happy coincidence. Raeburns reasons for using such fabric, in his own words, are because

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