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21 Nov

So this season I’m all over Millinery from the upward flat peak cap to the Pillbox Pirate hat that’s slowly making appearances on the heads of boundary pushes. I’m even dabbling in those big avant-garde things that provoke such reactions as, “Will the person in the second row please remove the duvet from their head immediately,” or “Is that an entire Sea Gull nesting in your barnet?”

I don’t know when my fixation for shoes transpired into headwear, maybe it’s down to the fact that my schedule allows me no time at all to coax my hair out of the backcombed birds nest I woke up with. Or perhaps it hasn’t dissipated at all, but merely added to the vast whirlpool of sartorial madness that is my life. My only hang up is that I get the worst headaches when I dabble in millenary. Looks like I’ll be changing my weekly order of Blistease and plasters to a hefty prescription of 4 Head.

So here it is my latest love affair the one that’s really got me foaming at the mouth and chomping at the bit, the Turban. No, that’s not a typo, your eyes aren’t deceiving you.

Brought back into fashion recently due to the incredibly un-remarkable and ever so condescending film that was Sex and the City 2 *shakes head in distaste*, the Turban, in all its glory has been popping up on people’s heads in the last year and quite speedily became a staple piece of headwear for any girls wardrobe.

The Turban in fact was originally brought into fashion for western women in the early 19th century and then again in late 1910 by Paul Poiret, (the self proclaimed king of fashion and the first ever couturier) due to his fascination with Orientalism. The Turban or wrap hat went on to become one of the most worn head garments of the 1920’s.

Ok fashion history lesson over.

Let me get back to the point, so last week I was perusing the sartorial happenings on the streets and such like and it suddenly dawned on me the vast amount of apparel savvy guys starting to wear Turbans and how good they looked even with a basic, loose fit T-shirt jeans ensemble.

SS11 menswear saw fashion forward designers such as Carolyn Massey incorporate the Turban and head wrap into their next seasons collection and as Massey works so closely with Topman I foresee the Turban becoming next spring’s men’s headwear of choice. No doubt it’ll be dubbed the ‘Turbman’ for those that need extra some reassurance that it is now truly a MAN’s garment.,.

To test the still murky water I decided I’d give the turban a spin, coincidently my bird’s nest of a barnet was really in a state of disrepair that morning so it was happy days all round really. I decided not to cheat and buy a ready wrapped Turban but instead try my hand at wrapping it myself. It just so happens that a good friend of mine spent some time travelling the middle east a few years ago and treated me to a turban wrapping lesson on her return, so I was semi confident I could achieve my desired swathe. The best and easiest thing of all was that I just used a previously abandoned, starched crinkle scarf I had lying around.

With my Turban tying success and my head wrapped tighter than my sisters Christmas gift wrapping I made in the direction of Oxford Street. Let me tell you, the reception was amazing. People smiled…and if you travel around London often, you’ll know that’s not a regular. People held doors for me, yet another act Londoners don’t exercise willingly. And lastly, I got street paped twice. So the verdicts in, and I love it. At last, a use for the thousands of unwanted scarves dotted randomly around my entire wardrobe. If that doesn’t swing it, think of the extra time in bed now you don’t have to spend an hour fixing your doo.



9 Nov


8 Nov

So it’s 7.30am on some idle morning in some busy week, winter is approaching faster than my next shoe craving.

It’s getting cold and wet, however I’m in central London so it’s muggy and the air is warm and thick. I don’t want to envelop myself into the winter coat and umbrella ensemble just yet; however it’s just taking a good chunk of the morning to fix these tresses into the sickest quiff you’ve ever seen this side of Elvis.

Oh the predicaments we face as modern men!

I know you’ve all been in the same situation this autumn with our tedious British weather, so what do I wear in these monotonous, indecisive conditions?

Well the time has come to say good bye to painfully cold ears and necks framed by soggy, straggled locks.  I’ve discovered a staple wardrobe ‘must-have’ for this Autumn/Winter. The Fud Hood. It’s simple, its slick, it’s cheap and it’s crafted by a wonderful, hardworking bunch of beauts. Oh and did I mention it’s cheap.

Fud Hoods are this awesome new breed of luxury headwear with the aim to fuse the boundaries between practicality and style.

The brainchild of Bristol based design duo, Laura and Lou, who go by the name of ‘Sew That Jazz’.  The pair started out running bespoke clothing stalls at happening festivals throughout the summer, where you could go and be completely decked out in customised festival threads. The Fud Hoods proved to be the outright best seller, literally selling out in seconds at Glastonbury.

The Fud is a detached hood that draws inspiration from traditional, indigenous dress. Utilising elements of the Inuit anorak to reinvent the original garment as a modern sartorial must have.

The latest 8 piece collection, which is released on the 1st November, includes a beautiful, chunky, cable knit with a stout tortoise-shell, toggle fastening. However, in my humble opinion, the show stopper is a soft leather hood with heavy hardware buckles teamed with the choice of a squishy sheepskin lining (fluffier than my fro on a rainy day) or the softest faux fur interior. It is imperative that I own this!

But that’s just the latest collection. They have tons of other ridiculously savvy hoods from new rave to sparkly, party hoods, warm snugly travel hoods, hoods you can wear to bed and the best part they even do one-off, commissioned pieces so you could basically have a different one for any outfit everyday of the week. Um, yes please!

Sew that Jazz however are by no means a one-trick-pony, dealing in the Fud alone. They also have a vast collection of beautifully made, sartorial goodies. From customised patch work jumpers crafted from up-cycled garments, to an enormous collection of women’s garments. From Ghetto-fabulous leggings to bat winged coats, even ball gowns crafted from cartoon character bed sheets.

If you like your threads fun with their only stamp on them Sew-That-Jazz is definitely a duo to keep your eyes on. The new collection is also available on ASOS as of the 1st, but if like me you couldn’t possibly wait until then, check out their website. WWW.FUDLUXEHOODS.COM

Big Love

Jacob Kamara


Cocosa Launch

6 Nov

On Monday Cocosa invited me and a handful of fellow menswear writers out for dinner and cocktails in Inamo, Soho.

Well what a wonderful evening it was indeed. If you have ever eaten in Inamo on Wardour Street, you’ll know how many hours of fun can be had with those relentlessly, exciting tables. If not I’ll enlighten you, so the tables are completely computerised with a projected menu, mood settings, games and best off all you can spy on the chefs, all from the comfort of your seat. Oh and the foods incredible.

The evening was to celebrate the launch of Cocosa’s new site completely dedicated to menswear. The exclusive online fashion retailer is set to launch the new site on 8th November 2010.

The menswear site will operate under the ever-popular flash sales mechanic, keeping true to the original Cocosa premium experience. The site will feature exclusive time-limited menswear sales, including accessories and lifestyle products, with discounts of up to 80% off the original retail price.   Cocosa will also offer editorial content geared specifically towards men and will be launching with brands such as Vivienne Westwood, John Smedley and Nicole Farhi.

With such an offering Cocosa hopes to build a loyal male customer base equal to that of the sister site. Cocosa also sets a competitive precedent by launching the menswear site ahead of their rivals.

Sheila Clancy, Buying Director comments:

“The void in the UK market presents a fantastic opportunity to launch a luxury branded offer to the male consumer audience. Given the hugely positive response of our members towards previous menswear sales on Cocosa, launching a dedicated menswear site is a natural progression for the site.”

Paul Keenan, Bauer Media CEO, says about the diversification:

“The men’s market has, until now, been largely neglected and poorly served by online retailers. Cocosa aims to provide an exceptional shopping experience that is tailored for men. Our aim is to become a menswear fashion resource, not only offering premium brands at members-only prices but also targeted editorial content to further engage our male audience.”


Confirmed Cocosa Menswear brands:

Nicole Farhi

John Smedley

Stephen Webster

Calvin Klein

Hugo Boss Shoes

Citizens Watches

Joes’ Jeans

Peter Jensen

N Peal

To celebrate the launch Cocosa have arranged a series of sales, as follows.

Nicole Farhi   8th – 10th November

Vivienne Westwood   10th – 12th November

Stephen Webster   12th – 15th November

Yay shopping!!!


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My sisters latest project

6 Nov

Isn’t he cute.

DIY’ed goodies

5 Nov

The Writers shirt.

DIY’ed goodies

5 Nov

The Painters shirt.