Bally Men’s Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

21 Jun

‘A Man For All Seasons’

Bally Spring/Summer 2012 Men’s Collection captures the spirit of a relaxed European lifestyle
reminiscent of the late 1950s, when first-class travel to chic destinations was a luxurious experience
enjoyed by the most dashing of men. As individual style began to find its place in the late 1950s and
early 1960s, men began experimenting with different materials to express their personal flair.
Inspired by archive pieces from the era, the look of Bally’s SS12 collection is light and comfortable
yet handsomely well groomed: from the easy going feel of the new deck shoe range, to the soft Sea
Island cotton knitwear, and the carefree bags and accessories, every piece suggests an effortless
summer lifestyle of languid luxury.
Along with the new deck shoe range, Bally introduces the new lightweight Scribe Legère. Featuring a
new archive sole from the 1950’s that has been completely redeveloped with extremely light and
flexible exclusive Goodyear construction, the Scribe Legère is perfect for a season of summer wear.
In addition, the already successful sneaker range has been extended to include a wider choice of
shapes, materials and colours and a new deck shoe range has been added, all adding to the
collection’s overall mood of simply luxury.
Bally’s playful side is again highlighted in the range of visually striking, functional new bags and
accessories in ultra-soft leathers of inspirational design and colour. Perforated leathers and Bally’s
iconic trainspotting stripe provide a distinctive feel of simple luxury.
Cool and stylish, the suit silhouette is lean and narrow with a sharp new trouser cut that has a slight
kick. The fabric is wool mohair which is perfect for all climates and the construction is soft and
baggy, but fully lined for a rich and refined look. The men’s ready-to-wear highlights the super-soft
feel of cottons, leather and suede; trousers with parallel legs, cropped 1959 style jackets, Sea Island
cotton knitwear and soft blousons all form part of an authentic Bally lifestyle look.
The palette is yellow, red, blue and green for a vibrant, youthful feel.


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